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新潟日米協会は、当初、アメリカ駐日大使館、東京アメリカセンターの好意により、アメリカに関連性を持ったり 興味を持った日本人と新潟に在住のアメリカ人と文化を通じて、友好をはかり、大きくは日本とアメリカとの相互理解を深めるために、設立された協会です。



 どうか皆様、文化・コミュニケーション・協力の活動の場として、ご参加いただき、ご活躍下さるようお願い致します。 ホームページを通じて、イベント計画をお知らせ致しますので、ご希望、ご意見等をお聞かせいただき共に検討し実行したいと思います。また、耳寄りのニュース等もどしどしお送り下さい。

The Niigata Japan-America Society was established under the goodwill of the American Embassy in Japan and the Tokyo American Center to deepen mutual understanding and promote cultural exchange between Japanese people with an interest in American and Americans living in Niigata.

With the co-operation of the Society Chairman (the Governor of Niigata Prefecture), the society is working to strengthen meaningful relations between our two countries with the support of the American Ambassador in Japan, Japanese Government Ministers, the Chairman of the Tokyo American Center and many economic and cultural leaders.

In the 40 years since the establishment of this society, the dynamic change in global politics and the world economy, in addition to the remarkable development of transport systems has brought the many countries of the world much closer together. Accordingly the opportunity for travel between the distant countries of Japan and America has increased,especially with Hawaii which has become a popular tourist destination with Japanese people. Friendly relations between Niigata and America have increased during this time and in recent times there has also been an expansion of business relations in many areas.

Based on the promotion of goodwill with America,the Niigata Japan-America Society has contributed to the furthering of international relations with people from many English speaking countries over the years. The society is aiming to further improve relations and broaden understanding between the people of America and Niigata by getting together for the purposes of cultural exchange through various events, meetings and parties.

We hope you will join together with us to promote cultural exchange and communication and invite you to co-operate with our activities. Our various events for this year will be listed on our homepage. We would like to hear your thoughts and ideas and work together with you to bring these events to fruition. We look forward to hearing from you.

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